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A Partnership So Close WE BECOME YOU™.

Pinstripe is boldly changing the way the world views talent. We are dedicated to making recruitment a strategic differentiator for our clients. We customize the recruitment partnerships with each of our clients to deliver better business results, not just better talent.

Who is Pinstripe?

Pinstripe combined with Ochre House in July of 2013 to form the largest independent provider of global Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and talent management solutions. Serving world-class organizations in the financial services, healthcare, technology, life sciences and advanced manufacturing industries, Pinstripe & Ochre House deliver customized, talent-centric solutions that drive business results.


These three simple words guide our partnerships. We immerse ourselves in each client’s culture, mission and values working as our clients work, and becoming stewards of their employment brand. Watch this short video to learn how Pinstripe becomes the STAR recruitment team.

Who said anything about outsourcing?

When we hear people criticize recruitment outsourcing as a cookie-cutter approach with mixed results, we understand. It often is. But the leadership at Pinstripe saw beyond the traditional approach long ago. At Pinstripe every client solution is custom delivered, leveraging state-of-the-art recruiting technologies, by a dedicated, experienced recruiting team that is a reflection of the client's brand, values and culture.

What is RPO?

It stands for recruitment process outsourcing and for you, it should mean: “partnering with an expert to design and execute a customized process that transforms your organization’s approach to talent acquisition, in order to deliver improved business results.”

What does a Pinstripe partnership look like?

At Pinstripe we apply dedicated team models so that everyone involved in your HR effort is completely immersed in your business and totally accessible to you at all times. Your team is comprised of recruiters from your industry who bring the depth of their experience and contacts to your HR program. Backed by the industry’s most advanced integrated technology platform, our recruiters will become seamlessly immersed in your team to elevate your HR program and deliver transformational results.

How do I know if Pinstripe is right for me?

A partnership with Pinstripe will drive business success by raising the level of HR within your company. Our approach is collaborative, our execution is strategic, and our results are transformative. We do this by immersing ourselves in your organization, offering expertise and recruiting services that uniquely serve your organization. We work as you work, and become your brand stewards. We don’t just meet SLAs, WE BECOME YOU!

But am I right for Pinstripe?

Like any change, selecting and implementing an RPO solution is not without its challenges. You need to be clear about your objectives, you need a passionate internal HR change leader who can secure buy-in from top management and across functions, and you need to be committed to the relationship.

If you are ready for a mutually beneficial relationship based on collaboration, teamwork and unparalleled results, we should talk.

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